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Joseph and Nancy Mary Adams Hammons Family
by Glenna Daniels

The earliest known Hammons in our family is Joseph Hammons. It is believed that he was born in 1819 in Virginia. Joseph married Nancy Mary Adams on February 20, 1849 in Virginia. Nancy was born about 1830 in North Carolina. They were the parents of eight children: Wilson Emery, James M., John Bain, Nimrod Jackson, William A., Samuel Patton, Mary Vincin, and Phoebe Elizabeth. It should be noted that this Hammons family’s name has been found as spelled also as Hammond, Hammonds, and Hammon. NOTE: Because Hammons seems to be the spelling most used today by descendants it will be the main form used in the following information unless it is known to be used otherwise by the family it is then referring to.

The two oldest children of Joseph and Nancy were born in Virginia, the next two in Indiana and the youngest three in Missouri (NOTE: It is not known where William A. was born). This indicates that they left Virginia after August of 1851 and moved from Indiana to Missouri between December of 1854 and June of 1857.

The following information was found in the 1850 census of Lee County, Virginia. It is not know whether this is our Joseph and Nancy Hammons. If so, Joseph’s age and place of birth are different than other records, Nancy’s age is different. Also, the relationship between them and Nulty is not known.





Place of Birth

Joseph Hammons




North Carolina

Nancy Hammons




North Carolina

Wilson Hammons

7 mths




Nulty Hammons




No information has been found on any Joseph & Nancy Hammons’ family for the 1860 Adair, Schuyler, Putnam or Scotland Counties of Missouri. In both the 1870 and 1880 census records of Adair County the children of Joseph and Nancy indicate that their father (then deceased) was born in Virginia and Nancy’s last name was spelled Hammond. These census records indicate that Nancy could not read or write (her name is also marked with an X on real estate dealings). This may have been part of the reason for the different spellings of the Hammons name.

According to information copied from the family bible of Joseph & Nancy Hammons, Nancy was born in 1823. However, Nancy indicated in the 1870 census that she was 40 years old (not 47) and in the 1880 census that she was then 50. Her tombstone lists her age at 70 year when she died in 1900 so these combined resources would lead one to believe that she was born in 1830. Another discrepancy is that the bible records list William A. "Willie" as being born on July 15, 1859, however his tombstone lists August 15, 1856. Some of the information in the family Bible may have been filled in by a relative at a later date, (or the tombstone could be wrong)

1880 census records children and indicates where their parents were born:

  • Samuel Father born in Virginia Mother born in North Carolina
  • John Bain Father born in North Carolina Mother born in Virginia
  • N. Jackson Father born in Virginia Mother born in Virginia
Family lore is that Joseph was about 45 years old when he died in 1864 from wounds received in battle during the Civil War. He had a leg amputated but gangrene set in causing his death. According to records from the Missouri State Archives, he enlisted in the Putnam County (Missouri) Home Guards of the Union Army at Shawneetown on July 1, 1861 and was a private in the Indiana company under Capt. Ewing. He was discharged on August 1, 1861. For this service he received $14.50 but was not paid until July 30, 1864. On August 30th 1862 in Lancaster (Schuyler County), he enrolled in the 29th Regiment of Missouri militia of the Union Army. He was relieved from this duty on April 30th 1863. Joseph died on August 8, 1864 and was buried on the family farm in Schuyler County, Missouri (Nancy and Joseph’s son, Willie, is also buried there). There is only one tombstone listing both Joseph and Willie and the last one on it is spelled Hammons.

Information as to the land ownership of Joseph and Nancy was not found in the Schuyler County or the State Archives. The current landowner (Jack McCartney- 1994) of the farm where Joseph was buried has an old property deed that lists the following information. Joseph  Hammons applied for a land patent for 40 acres in Schuyler County, Section 36, Township 66-N, Range 16-W (SW 1/4 of NE 1/4) on February 23, 1852 at the Milan Missouri office. It was patented to him on October 10, 1856 and lists him of Schuyler County at that time. Nancy M. Hammons applied for a land patent for a connecting 40 acres on July 3, 1865 listed as the NW 1/4 of the SE 1/4, Section 36, Township 66-N, Range 16-W with the Boonville, Missouri Office. It was patented on December 1, 1865. This 80 acres was sold to Jane Mellinger on November 8, 1869 for $200. The last name is spelled Hammons, Hammonds, and Hammons on the paper in regard to this property.

  Nancy moved to Adair County Missouri in 1868 with most of her children. It is now known why she moved to this county, but one would assume she had relative or knew someone here. Records in Adair County Court show that on March 9, 1868, Nancy Hammons purchased: 80 acres in Western Adair County (the E ½ of the SE ½ of Section 2, Township 62, Range 17-W for $1,000. On September 30, 1882 Nancy deeded this property to her son, Samuel P., "in consideration of natural love and affections". Later in the deed it reads that, "this deed however, is not in effect until my death, and the only upon condition that the party of the second part who is a son of the part of the first part shall remain and take care of his said mother during her life - and shall take care of his sisters as long as they remain at home and with him or until their marriage if that event happens first." On both of these records the last name is spelled Hammons.

It is interesting that she purchased the Adair County land from Jane Mellinger, the same person she later sold the Schuyler County property to. The Schuyler County land deed states that Nancy, as Administratrix of Joseph’s estate, was allowed to sell the property in order to pay debts. Maybe she sold it to Jane Mellinger to pay towards what she might have owed on the Adair County property. It is not know if Jane Mellinger was somehow related to Nancy Hammons

Nancy died on February 24, 1900 and is buried in the Campbell Cemetery in Adair County, Missouri. Wilson Emery Hammons was born 19 December 1849 in Virginia. He went to Colorado and was killed there on June 16,1904. The following articles were printed in THE PITKIN MINES, Pitkin (Gunnison County), Colorado.

  • James, M. Hammons was born 7 Aug 1851 in Virginia. As a young man he left home and no word was ever heard from him again.
  • John Bain Hammons was born 19 January 1853 in Indiana. See Chapter II for more information on his family He married Delle E,. Anderson, later married Rosanna Barbara Hoerrman.
  • Nimrod Jackson Hammons was born 28 December 1854 in Morgan County, Indiana. He married Rebecca Anderson (sister of John’s wife Della)
  • William, "Willie" A. Hammons was born 15 July 1856. He died 15 August 1865 and is buried in Schuyler County in the same private cemetery as his father. (These dates were taken from tombstone, other information provided to Ronald Ford indicated he was born in August of 1859 which would make him younger than Samuel.)
  • Samuel Patton, who is our ancestor was born 23 July 1857 in Schuyler County, Missouri. He married Eva Sophia Johnson.
  • Mary Vincin Hammons was born 8 August 1861 in Schuyler County, Missouri. She married John Quincy Scofield Adam Bibee.
  • Phoebe Elizabeth was born 9 December 1864 in Schuyler County, Missouri. She married George Whitfield Ford.

Used by permission. Much thanks to Glenna for all the research she has done on the Hammons line.


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